Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Greening Sacred Spaces Award

ecoWHam receives Greening Sacred Spaces Award

Representing the Eco Churches of West Hamilton, are, from left, Mary Sealey,Wim Feunekes, Kenrick Chin, Loueen Madill and Wayne Poole, along with conservation officer Brian Smith and Councillor Brian McHattie.

While outside the sun shone soothingly and early summer displayed its brilliant colours, inside Westdale United Church last week another celebration was taking place in keeping with the mood outdoors and in honor of the environment.

After years of working hard to green their places of worship and their practices, two community faith collaborations received the Green Sacred Spaces Awards for 2011.

Started in 2006-2007 in Ottawa, the awards recognize faith communities who have made great efforts to reduce their environmental impact.

This year, Eco Churches of West Hamilton (eco-WHam) and The Hill St. Garden Churches received the awards at a reception organized by Greening Sacred Spaces/Environment Hamilton.


Partnering with the group was Horizon Utilities Corporation chief conservation officer Brian Smith, who was on hand to present the awards, along with Councillor Brian McHattie.

The Eco Churches of West Hamilton include Westdale United Church in Hamilton, and Knox Presbyterian Church, Christian Life Assembly, St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church, St. James Anglican Church, St. Paul’s United Church in Dundas.

Article: Dundas Star News

About ecoWHam

About the Eco Churches Of West Hamilton (EcoWHam)

Some three years ago (2009), several Churches in the Dundas area and neighbouring West Hamilton came together to pool resources to become more effective in bringing the message of environmental responsibility to their constituent congregations. A team drawn from participating Anglican, Catholic, Presbyterian, and 2 United Church congregations meets regularly to learn, exchange ideas, plan public events, distribute newsletters, support local environmental events, and provide encouragement to like-minded community groups.

The EcoWHam Group is delighted to receive this award and it gives them encouragement to continue to act as Stewards of God's Earth and involve the communities of West Hamilton.